Cleaning and Caring for your Crystal Glassware

Hello friends! Let me start by saying: always hand wash your crystal! Dishwashers are not crystal friendly and have the power to scratch, chip or crack your crystal due to the intense heat, movement of the cycle and harsh cleaners. Now that we’ve established hand washing only, let’s continue!

After hand washing your glassware and setting it aside to dry, you notice clear water spots appeared all over the glass no matter how many times you washed it. What’s the reason? Crystal requires a different, but simple, method of washing to ensure a “crystal clear” look while also maintaining cleanliness. All you need is two cups of white vinegar, a few squirts of dish soap, and a bowl/basin large enough to fully soak them in. After soaking the crystal in the soapy mixture for around one to three minutes, wipe them with a microfiber or lint free cloth. Rinse with tap water and dry once more. This is a simple and very effective way of ensuring your crystal is clean, properly cared for, and spotless.

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