You may be wondering what sets Rich & Thirsty glassware apart from all others. 

  • Rich & Thirsty glassware is a guaranteed conversation starter. The engravings on the brim and base of the glass peak curiosity and become the center of conversation at any event. The tall, elongated stem and elegant appearance does not go unnoticed as it compliments any hand it's held in. 
  • Rich & Thirsty glassware elevates every drinking experience. We taste with not only our mouths, but with our eyes. Here at Rich & Thirsty, we think the way a drink is presented has an effect on how it is experienced. A more elegant glass elevates the overall drinking experience, pleasing both senses.
  • From the stem to the bowl, Rich & Thirsty glassware is 100% handblown crystal. Handblown by master artisans, Rich & Thirsty never sacrifices quality. 
  • Rich & Thirsty glassware is extremely durable and featherweight. Made from un-leaded crystal, we ensure durability and scratch resistance whilst remaining thinly blown. The feather-weight crystal feels light in any hand, ensuring you drink with ease.
  • The wide billowed bowl allows the wine to breathe, collecting its aroma before saturating the consumer's palate. With custom designed silhouettes, Rich & Thirsty glassware is expertly crafted to enhance every tasting experience.
  • All Rich & Thirsty glassware products come complete with our beautiful gift boxes. These boxes can be used to store your R&T glassware or present a gift to your loved ones.